retelling · Sci-Fi · YA

Cinder: Cyborg Rusty Screw

Cinder by Marissa Meyer Cinder is a classic Cinderella fairytale with a futuristic twist. In addition to serving her nasty stepmother, Cinder is a cyborg who’s more likely to leave behind a whole prosthetic foot than just a shoe. Tinkering with her cyborg parts, the family droid Iko, and anything else she can get her… Continue reading Cinder: Cyborg Rusty Screw

Fantasy · retelling · YA

A Court of Thorns and Roses: Solstice Faerie Wine

A Court of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas A tale as old as time itself – filled with magic, fear of the unknown and of course, romance. A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) is a subtle retelling of the classic tale Beauty and Beast. While there are a lot of parallels between… Continue reading A Court of Thorns and Roses: Solstice Faerie Wine

Contemporary · YA

Paper Towns: Whitman’s Screwdriver

Paper Towns by John Green Paper Towns is a classic coming-of-age novel/teen drama that perfectly captures how it feels to be on the brink of adulthood – searching for meaning, purpose and a place in this great big, inauthentic world. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to salute your inner “paper” self, than… Continue reading Paper Towns: Whitman’s Screwdriver

Contemporary · YA

Finding Audrey: Sublime Hot Chocolate

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella Finding Audrey is the bitter aftertaste from a strong dose of mean girls, and the journey of recovery. Getting inside Audrey’s “lizard brain,” that uncontrollable, animalistic part of you that senses fear, is entirely relatable – even if you’ve never personally experienced anxiety. To best enjoy this fresh and beautifully written take… Continue reading Finding Audrey: Sublime Hot Chocolate


Big Little Lies: Pirriwee Pink Drink

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty  Big Little Lies is equal parts sex, betrayal, scandal, guilt and violence; a deadly cocktail lurking underneath seemingly shiny, bubbly and sweet suburban moms. This novel is now an HBO television series, which premiers on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017. Before catching the show, you’ll definitely want to grab a cocktail… Continue reading Big Little Lies: Pirriwee Pink Drink